Question: To Interpret Koine Greek, which contemporary writers can be used for comparison?

The following have been proposed by various community members thus far:

  • This is a list question and thus not constructive for the SE Q&A format
  • It's a general reference question (and a better fit for Wikipedia than SE)
  • The question belongs on meta, not main
  • The question is too broad
  • The question deals with hermeneutical tools and thus belongs on main

Is this question on topic? If not, why? Is it a better fit on meta? If so, why?

  • @majnemizdaen This question is really an continuation of the Lexicon/Concordance discussion, with "other references" thrown in to spice the debate. It belongs HERE as it involves site directives vs evidence to support a claim. It is a worthwhile question for Meta, and I'm sure you'll have some recommendations that will require a referendum.
    – Tau
    Nov 27, 2014 at 9:15
  • @majnemizdaen The question(IMHO) has more to do with "What references are universally acceptable on BHSE", vs "What references can I most easily make my claim", which would be a "LMGTFY" question.
    – Tau
    Nov 27, 2014 at 9:24

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This is a list / general reference question and is off topic

The existing answer to the question demonstrates that it can easily be answered simply by linking to a few URLs containing lists of early works.

The link given in the answer contains sublinks at the top of the page for the additionally listed writers. I believe it meets the criteria of a 'general reference' question.

This sort of question is fine as a resource on meta, but is off topic on main.


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