By an amazing coincidence, this is the 7th challenge topic I've suggested. "Challenge ideas" isn't a challenge itself, but a place for us to collect and vote on topics. My favorite remaining idea is from Ray:


Rest seems to be a theme throughout the Bible, played out in different way, from God's rest in creation, to the rest promised to the Israelites, to a rest that believers have in Christ.

Where else is "rest" mentioned? How do these tie together?

It's especially pressing on me as I contemplate going home for Christmas to be with my family. As a result, I might be taking a rest from the site. (On the other hand, the site might be an escape for me. Who knows? ;-) I'm also thinking of stepping down from issuing the challenges for a while. The idea is clearly a good one, but I don't want to get into a rut myself (feeling obligated to make this weekly post). In addition, I hope someone will step up and take some more ownership of the community.

Personally, I'm going to be doing a little more resting, but I hope that you will be thinking of questions to ask about Biblical Rest.

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