I want to ask this question:

Who was the author of Hebrews?

Who was the author of Hebrews, or who are the likely candidates?

But I get the message:

Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because:

It does not meet our quality standards.

What am I doing wrong? What rule have I violated and how do I get the question to meet the standards?

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Your question is too short. You can make it longer by adding a link to this wikipedia page and summarizing at least one theory mentioned there. Then you should be good.


You've somehow managed to trip up the system's "quality" filter. Exactly what you need to do to fix the question is a mystery, but you might try adding more words.

May I use this question as an example of why the system might need to give an asker a little bit of help in a question on meta.SE?


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