Jeff Atwood says, "It is my strong belief that the tags page is an essential map of what your community is, and is not, about." Many sites have a primary set of tags that categorize questions. On Arqade, those primary tags are the only tag most questions carry. It's easy to see the site is about games. Looking at our tags, it's obvious our site is about the texts of the Bible. So I think our basic tagging scheme is working out.

There are, however many secondary tags, including our most popular three: , , and . It's much less clear how these are organized. (Though, in a sense, that's ok: it's a folksonomy, not a taxonomy.) Do we need ? How should we use ? Who is going to get the badge for next? (Alternatively, does using , , or imply a tag?)

How can we organize our secondary tags to make sense?



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