This summer the planet Venus will pass between the sun and the earth (a twice in a lifetime event). Meanwhile, the Bible, as an Ancient Near East text, is filled with astronomical references. So for our next challenge, I propose asking (and answering) questions on astronomy in the Bible.

Assuming this is a reasonable idea, I'd like to:

  1. Put the challenge on our Community Bulletin.
  2. Contact Astronomy.SE Physics.SE to see if any of their users would like to partner with us.
  3. Ask as many astronomy questions as we can think of between now and the end of May.
  4. Submit a question to be published (if accepted) on the network's G+ and Facebook accounts. (Please use the answers to this question to suggest the best question. We'll submit the one that has the most votes.)
  5. Learn a lot about astronomy in the Bible and observe the transit on June 5.


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