The title is the question, I could ask it in the body of the question but there is no need to repeat myself. I would also like to be aware what questions are exactly for one and what are for the other site, if there is some pretty clear distinction.

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This has been rehashed a hundred different ways. Please at least browse through some of the previous discussions.

For starters there is the very first question ever asked on this site:

Then there are a plethora of questions in the tag that relate to this issue:

Then there are a plethora of questions on the C.SE meta site talking about this from the other side of the fence.

These are only a sampler. If you have some specific genre of question in mind both meta sites likely have some discussion about how to handle them best. In short, if you want to learn about the process of interpreting the Bible, ask on BH.SE. If you want to learn about how Christians have interpreted the Bible, ask on C.SE.

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