Since neither of these questions have an accepted answer, they are not technically duplicates, but they may be candidates for merging:

  1. 1st John 2:12-14: little children, young men and fathers
  2. Who are the “children”, “fathers” and “young men” addressed in 1 John 2?

The majority of the answers to these two questions are very poor and I've voted to delete many of the answers to them.

The question for #2 is much clearer and simpler to answer than the wall of text in #1, so my recommendation is to merge #1 into #2 so that question #2 survives.


I'm also aware of the question entitled, "What is the proper understanding of παιδία in 1 John?" While it partially overlaps in reference to these verses, the question is broader and asks about this specific term throughout the entire book of 1 John.


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