The majority of questions on H.SE do not have accepted answers. Accepting an answer gives +2 to someone's reputation. If this bonus was larger, we would probably see more questions having accepted answers. Is it possible with SE to modify the bonus amount for accepting an answer?


To be honest I don't think it's a problem for lots of questions, even most, on this site to not have an "accepted" answer. Even though question acceptance is officially only meant to purely indicate that the question asker alone was satisfied by the answer, it does make a question feel like it has been completed, that it's been correctly answered, and no more answers are needed. This will be especially true to new members of our site who don't know that the tick mark only means the asker liked it and nothing more. (The site doesn't communicate this particularly well.) On this site there is almost always something more to say, more insights to glean from the scriptures, or alternative ways to explain them. So I think it's fine for questions to remain without an accepted answer.

  • Should we just get rid of the Accepted button entirely, then? If it doesn't really serve a purpose on this site ... Mar 11 at 4:47
  • «So I think it's fine for questions to remain without an accepted answer.» maybe because only 4% of questions asked in this community don't have an answer? In other words, if we were speoking of over 50% (maybe 33% even) the take would be different... Mar 11 at 12:58

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