How do I recover the questions I asked before I closed my previous account. I closed my first account which is under the same name on the account I am using now, I noticed that after I closed my first account my questions and answer appear under user35499. The closed account was under the same username that I now currently used.


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Being incredibly old-fashioned, I keep a log of all links to my questions (and all my answers). This is on my computer, and I also print-out hard-copy stored in a clip-file. Dates are essential, of course. This will be of no use to you for 'lost' questions on your closed file, but I mention it so that you might start afresh, doing that, from now on. This is a "closing-the-stable-door-after-the-horse-has-bolted" answer, yet it might be helpful from now on. I hope so.

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