When you ask a question on the main site, the Title box has a prompt that reads:

what's your the analysis of biblical text question? be specific.

I'm not sure why, but I've never noticed the text until today. A variation of this prompt is present on other sites too. Generally, the prompt makes sense:

what's your history question? be specific.

what's your scientific skepticism question? be specific.

The capitalization can be broken at times:

what's your christianity question? be specific.

But our prompt is:

  1. grammatically incorrect,
  2. limited to one of the five types of questions we have, and
  3. really wordy.

Can we fix the text that seems to be site-specific? (That would be "the analysis of biblical text", if I'm not mistaken.) What would be better wording?


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What's your hermeneutics question? Be specific.

I lower-cased hermeneutics, so's to not go completely overboard with the caps.


What would be better wording?

what's your Hermeneutics question? be specific.


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