I recently recommended closing a question that dealt with the translation of a church father's writing but did not mention a biblical text. When I did so, I was given only one option for where the question belongs - here. But it actually belongs on C.Se. Should this be fixed, or is it actually intentional for some reason?

enter image description here

  • I also noticed this on a past question.
    – Jason_
    Commented May 5 at 7:36
  • 2
    Other sites have to be manually added to that list by staff. If you think a question belongs on another site, then please make a custom flag and the mods will take a look
    – curiousdannii Mod
    Commented May 5 at 13:33
  • 2
    thanks will do.... but what can't staff simply add C.se to the list, since this is by the far the most frequent site it should be migrated to? Commented May 6 at 17:11


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