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What kind of site do we ultimately want to have?

There have been a lot of discussions on meta about different aspects of site direction, but none directly focused on the fundamental question: What kind of site do we want to have? What should our ...
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How can we educate new users about our site distinctives?

Experienced users frequently remark that we attract a lot of first-time answers that significantly miss the mark. Answers from new users are often pure opinions, or tangential discussions that don't ...
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Why should one participate in the Biblical Hermeneutics site (is it a viable site)?

I just found your site yesterday [years ago now, note the date of initial posting], and have been looking around at various meta discussions on distinctions between it and C.SE, or how much doctrine ...
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Pseudo-neutrality & its enforcement

From the perspective of a postmodern/pluralist worldview, there is no such thing as 'pure' objectivity / true neutrality (nor objective truth, for that matter). In effect, all assertions of neutrality ...
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What About Preaching?

Several users have expressed dissatisfaction with 'preaching' on BH.SE: unfortunately, i feel that i am getting preached at when i write my (science based) questions... i know those questions, when ...
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Can we define as a forum what it means to "apply the text"? Where do we draw the line?

This is in response to an attempt I made at an edit and discussion that ensued, which in turn lead to a Meta question. We know that this site focuses on meaning of the text, and stops short of ...
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Is assuming that the Bible doesn't have to be self-consistent an appropriate position for answers on this site?

Note that this is not a complaint, and definitely not about any particular person or posting. An answer to Did the disciples go out preaching to "Jews only"? is based on: The problem with ...
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Please explain the validity or not of this answer

From this question: Jesus was tempted, but God cannot be tempted. How, then, do we reconcile James 1:13 and Heb. 4:15? Can anyone please explain how this answer (accepted and very highly regarded) is; ...
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This is not the place for theological apologetics

A great question was posed several years ago that deals with an underlying concept that is important to grasp: Is dispensationalism a theological framework or a hermeneutical approach? I personally ...
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Is this criterion for closing a question invalid?

One of the options available for closing a question reads, "Questions about biblical topics but without a specific Bible passage are off-topic as hermeneutical methods cannot be applied when no ...
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