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Why should one participate in the Biblical Hermeneutics site (is it a viable site)?

I just found your site yesterday [years ago now, note the date of initial posting], and have been looking around at various meta discussions on distinctions between it and C.SE, or how much doctrine ...
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What are we looking for in answers?

There have been a lot of meta discussions in the last 18 months about specific aspects of, or handling of, answers (annotations, voting, editing, doctrine, etc). It was pointed out by the Community ...
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How much doctrine should we allow? What is the general guideline? [closed]

Recently, a question regarding 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 (regarding women being silent in church) was asked. The literal interpretation of the text in itself creates and implies doctrine. However, ...
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Time to end Biblical Hermeneutics? [duplicate]

OK, I deliberately chose a provocative title. But the issue I want to raise is this: should we merge this site with Christianity SE? Of course, there are strong arguments for a separate site. But I'm ...
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Are questions about the Old Testament from a purely Christian perspective off-topic? [closed]

This morning a question arose about whether Jesus fulfills a prophesy in the Old Testament. From a Christian perspective, this a fairly standard lens through which to look at the Tanakh. Obviously, ...
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What constitutes doctrine?

I'm feeling some dissonance between the stated policy of not-so-much-doctrine and the content of questions I see. To begin with, every time I see the term 'OT', I cringe. I appreciate that not all ...
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Site Viability and the Distinction Between Scriptural and Biblical Studies

Mike recently posted an answer to another meta question that got me thinking about this distinction and the impact this has on BH.SE's viability (I'm beginning to wonder if ScottS was really onto ...
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A roadmap to Biblical Studies

Recently, Soldarnal suggested a name for our site that I quite like: Biblical Studies. It seems that Stack Exchange would be willing to entertain a name change, if we think it's a pressing issue. ...
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Should we positively discriminate in favour of all non-Protestant perspectives on BH?

It seems to be the case that many of our active contributors hail from Protestant traditions and perspectives. Several folk have expressed concern about this: I currently believe there is a strong ...
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How should we handle historicism?

If there's one thing that drives me nuts about my fellow Christians, it's how we sometimes are so certain that some prophecy is associated with some historical event. It reminds me of the Midianite ...
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How should we deal with "novice" questions during the beta?

As mentioned in various places including another meta question, it is very important during the site's beta (especially the private beta) to focus on questions that are expert-level, specific, and ...
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Can you supply me with links for new members?

Sometimes I'll flag a low quality answer, but I'd like to do more to help the member understand the criteria for answering question. Can someone supply me with a template of what you to post to ...
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Feel free to describe the meaning of the text, but please don't prescribe it to your readers

I am using my own answer in this question because it was easy to pick on my own issues than others (I'm trying to make a point, not go on a witch hunt). While I think good answers will also follow ...
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Why did my answer receive three downvotes in less than half an hour after it was posted?

Where does “by the mercy shown to you” belong in Romans 11:31? is a question that is principally an expression of wonderment over why a verse is rendered by, in the words of the questioner, "nearly ...
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How much tangential information should we allow in answers?

One of the key advantages of Stack Exchange is that it encourages real answers to real questions. We do a lot to discourage and delete answers that are little more than opinion, free association, and ...
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