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How much tangential information should we allow in answers?

One of the key advantages of Stack Exchange is that it encourages real answers to real questions. We do a lot to discourage and delete answers that are little more than opinion, free association, and ...
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Let's ask more Tanakh questions

Inspired by the weekly topic challenge on Jewish Life and Learning - Stack Exchange, I think it would be helpful (and hopefully a fun challenge) to ask questions on a specific topic for some period of ...
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What are the main differences and main similarities between Biblical Hermeneutics site and Christianity site?

The title is the question, I could ask it in the body of the question but there is no need to repeat myself. I would also like to be aware what questions are exactly for one and what are for the other ...
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Let's have a second opinion!

It's been a while since I issued a challenge and now that hats are over, it's about time for something new. In the past, I've focused on generating new questions, but this time I'd like to focus on ...
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Can somebody delete a photo used in a derogatory way off a post?

The post is: Doubt the woman wants her photo attached to that post. Makes this "Christian" site look crude.
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Kindness, Collaboration and Mutual Respect

As Site Moderators, we typically spend most of our time doing three things: Cleaning up excessive/non-constructive Comments (we don't enjoy this) Handling Flags raised by site users (do raise a flag ...
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