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What are we looking for in answers?

There have been a lot of meta discussions in the last 18 months about specific aspects of, or handling of, answers (annotations, voting, editing, doctrine, etc). It was pointed out by the Community ...
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Nominations for pro-tem moderators

As per this SE blog, this post is for nominations for pro-tem moderators for this site. Each nomination should be a separate answer with the name of the nominee (which should be a link to the user’s ...
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How much doctrine should we allow? What is the general guideline? [closed]

Recently, a question regarding 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 (regarding women being silent in church) was asked. The literal interpretation of the text in itself creates and implies doctrine. However, ...
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How can this site distinguish itself from Christianity.SE?

Might as well address the elephant in the room right off the bat. Many questions on Christianity deal with exegesis. During the proposal process, there was a lot of consensus to merge the Biblical ...
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Hermeneutics vs Exegesis

Is "Biblical Hermeneutics" the best name for this site? So far, it seems few of the questions asked (similar with earlier phases) have much to do with hermeneutics directly, and are more exegetical. ...
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The false dichotomy between "faith-based" hermeneutics and "let the text speak for itself" hermenuetics

This "gripe" is not unfamiliar to contributors to biblical hermeneutics beta, and frankly it is probably as old as the hills. Ages ago when I was taking undergraduate courses in theology, I ...
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This site and Judaism.SE

Judaism.SE (which is my usual stomping grounds) has quite a few hermeneutics[1] questions (only of Tanakh, naturally, not the Christian Bible). They are definitely considered on-topic there. Examples:[...
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Topicality of a Textual Question related to a Group with a Specific Doctrinal Commitment

This is a question about the topicality of this question on BH.SE: Do any scholars argue a textual theory where the NT text was edited to make the autographa? Which, as of this writing, is "on hold" ...
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Site Viability and the Distinction Between Scriptural and Biblical Studies

Mike recently posted an answer to another meta question that got me thinking about this distinction and the impact this has on BH.SE's viability (I'm beginning to wonder if ScottS was really onto ...
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What do we want our FAQ to say

We have been in beta for over 50 days now and so far our FAQ has simply said: This is a free, community driven Q&A for professors, theologians, and those interested in exegetical analysis of ...
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How should we handle historicism?

If there's one thing that drives me nuts about my fellow Christians, it's how we sometimes are so certain that some prophecy is associated with some historical event. It reminds me of the Midianite ...
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Why aren't downvotes removed when the reason for giving them no longer exists?

To @Dan specifically, because his comments are being presented here, but generally, to all who behave in like manner. Here are Dan's comments attached to my answer concerning Interpretations of Elihu ...
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I wasn't able to find in the on-topic page what exactly this site is about in terms of what are the rules in answering questions

I wasn't able to find in the on-topic page what exactly are like the...rules or paradigms or not sure of term for the site. Hopefully you'll know what I mean by the end of this post. The thing is......
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