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What texts are open for examination?

I assume the baseline here is interpretation of and principles behind understanding the 66 book Protestant canon. What about the extra 7 Deuterocanonical books used by Catholics? What about the extra ...
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What are we looking for in answers?

There have been a lot of meta discussions in the last 18 months about specific aspects of, or handling of, answers (annotations, voting, editing, doctrine, etc). It was pointed out by the Community ...
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What is the Anatomy of a Good BH.SE Answer?

This question has a different focus than What are we looking for in answers?, but is related. There is an explicit one for questions (What makes a good/bad question?), which itself links to the more ...
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What does "show your work" mean in the context of exegesis?

As a result of recent debate over whether certain answers would be considered acceptable on this site, we posed the question "What are we looking for in answers?". In my foray into the issue, I noted ...
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Should we require answers to cite sources?

Over on the Skeptic site, they have a rule that all answers include references to sources. It's a hugely different site than ours, so such a rule isn't necessarily appropriate here. But there are ...
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How can we attract high-quality Biblical scholars and still be welcoming to interested amateurs?

Simply what the title says. I would love to be able to come here and ask questions from my own study or other sources and receive high-quality answers. What principles should we follow to ensure a ...
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What would be the best way to present ancient Jewish sources

Many of the discussions in Biblical Hermeneutics involve textual analysis that rabbis analyzed as far back as the lifetime of Jesus. These discussions and analyses are found in a variety of Jewish ...
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A new guideline for doctrine in questions. What do you think?

I don't mean to hash and rehash this subject over and over, but I think that my understanding has developed to the point where I believe I can offer something somewhat concrete. Over the course of ...
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Educating new users - a revamping

Being a fairly new BH.SE user (and I'm also a stauch believer in the Jewish faith), I have had some interesting experiences here that I would like to bring to the forefront. I think of this Meta post ...
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What if the Q&A process were prompted for new users up to a certain number of rep points

This site seeks to be an expert site; however, it also appeals to those interested in studying the text. Thus, we tend to draw many novice users. Such new users seem to be fairly consistent in the ...
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