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Any online Greek/Hebrew resources we can quote from?

For questions involving the original languages, it would be helpful to be able to link to Bible passages in Greek or Hebrew. There are plenty of online Bibles in modern languages, but much fewer, it ...
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Strong's is a concordance, not a lexicon

The Strong's Concordance is a helpful tool that lists every Hebrew and Greek lemma (root word) present in the King James Bible. Along with listing these, the tool also generally gives a 'gloss' for ...
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To Interpret Koine Greek, which contemporary writers can be used for comparison?

Question: Which contemporary writers can be used for comparison with the Septuagint and New Testament Texts to help guide and inform translations and interpretations? For example, Greeks certainly ...
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What should we do with questions about tools used in Biblical scholarship?

This question arose yet again, this time in reference to this question that, at the time of this writing, remains open on Main: What do the "Goodrick-Kohlenberger" numbers represent? What ...
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Can you supply me with links for new members?

Sometimes I'll flag a low quality answer, but I'd like to do more to help the member understand the criteria for answering question. Can someone supply me with a template of what you to post to ...
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What constitutes "minimal research effort" in questions?

I think the answer will depend on the type of question, but I'm genuinely interested. As a starter, here are some general 'question types' and 'sub-types' (feel free to address any or none of these, ...
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Who is responsible for the anonymous yellow box messages?

Why is this message: Some of the information contained in this post requires additional references. Please edit to add citations to reliable sources that support the assertions made here. Unsourced ...
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LMGTFY Questions on the Rise

I'm noticing a rise in questions that could easily be answered with a Google search and/or Wikipedia article. For instance: What Is The Aorist Tense Of A Verb? What sort of “slave” is Paul referring ...
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How do I insert Greek/Hebrew characters into a question or answer?

I've spent the last hour browsing the site for tips on this practical question. So if it's been previously answered I apologise, but I have made an effort.
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Introductory Section

I am awe-struck by the level of knowledge "exhibited" in this site! The Help Topics merely explain how to use the site and what it is. Those troubling questions that require simple, howbeit ...
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