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What are we looking for in answers?

There have been a lot of meta discussions in the last 18 months about specific aspects of, or handling of, answers (annotations, voting, editing, doctrine, etc). It was pointed out by the Community ...
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Friends, we are not Christian!

I am a Christian. You might be Christian too. But we are neither Christian nor even religious. If you are the sort of person who reads Meta, this is insultingly obvious. It says right in the FAQ: ...
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What About Preaching?

Several users have expressed dissatisfaction with 'preaching' on BH.SE: unfortunately, i feel that i am getting preached at when i write my (science based) questions... i know those questions, when ...
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Should we positively discriminate in favour of all non-Protestant perspectives on BH?

It seems to be the case that many of our active contributors hail from Protestant traditions and perspectives. Several folk have expressed concern about this: I currently believe there is a strong ...
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A new guideline for doctrine in questions. What do you think?

I don't mean to hash and rehash this subject over and over, but I think that my understanding has developed to the point where I believe I can offer something somewhat concrete. Over the course of ...
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Is a post considered to be an answer if it focuses primarily on the application of the text (as defined)?

I am specifically discussing this answer. It is generally agreed that Questions are on topic if they are focused on the text, rather than things to which the text may apply.... Questions that ...
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Can we define as a forum what it means to "apply the text"? Where do we draw the line?

This is in response to an attempt I made at an edit and discussion that ensued, which in turn lead to a Meta question. We know that this site focuses on meaning of the text, and stops short of ...
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Assumptions in Questions: 'Showing Your Work' Revisited

What assumptions can be brought to a text? When does work need to be shown when it comes to assumptions inherent in various hermeneutical approaches? I am primarily asking about questions. Feel free ...
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Pseudo-neutrality & its enforcement

From the perspective of a postmodern/pluralist worldview, there is no such thing as 'pure' objectivity / true neutrality (nor objective truth, for that matter). In effect, all assertions of neutrality ...
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What we really mean when we talk about doctrine in questions

Richard expressed a guideline for questions as follows: Questions are on topic if they are focused on the text, rather than things to which the text may apply.... Questions that seem to be seeking ...