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Automatically accepting answers

An answer to What does John 3:16 mean by "perish"? was recently marked "accepted" by the community bot. Is this new behaviour, or have I simply never noticed it before? Does it ...
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Can the reputation points gained by accepting an answer be modified?

The majority of questions on H.SE do not have accepted answers. Accepting an answer gives +2 to someone's reputation. If this bonus was larger, we would probably see more questions having accepted ...
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Is there a way to figure out what % of questions on H.SE have accepted answers?

I'm curious what % of questions on H.SE have accepted answers - is there a simple way to figure that out? Addendum: I know you can view how many unanswered or un-upvoted questions there are. I'm ...
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Is it considered bad manners to answer a question that has already been accepted?

Is it considered bad manners to answer a question that already has an accepted answer with a different response?
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Users ask one question, then leave

Is there any way for moderators or voters to affect the answer selection process if OP asks a question and doesn't ever return to the site to select an answer?
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When an accepted answer is heavily downvoted, what ought we do?

Consider this answer, which currently stands at -5 (+1/-6) and is the accepted answer. Many of the comments are confused about why the answer was accepted. As it stands, two other answers (+7 and +4)...
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Can we remove the preferential sorting of accepted answers?

On Stack Overflow, the "accepted" answer shows that the loop has been closed and the question has been answered to the satisfaction of the asker. That's true here too. But there's a big difference ...
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What do "Accepted" answers mean given a pluralility of interpretations?

This question is somewhat in relation to What does "x" mean in y:z. If what I have written here is correct, and if the question should arise "What did Paul mean by 'the Israel of God' in Galatians 6:...
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