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Are we needlessly scaring people off?

As a newish user I want to give some feedback to veterans who close questions by brand new users. It can be pretty intimidating to have one's question shut down as off topic or opinion-based when one ...
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Why was a question closed as 'text-search' when the enquiry was about the usage of a word?

I am intrigued about the closure of this question regarding the usage of the word 'salvation' in the Old Testament in such a way that it would have the connotation of 'justification' as used in the ...
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My questions are being closed due to religious bias of some. How is these opinion based questions? False justification or forensice justification

What does "freely justified" mean in Romans 3:24? Does it support a justification of sinners as righteous when they remain actually sinners? This has been closed with absolutely baseless ...
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Asking acceptable questions

Good day all. Can anyone instruct me about what constitutes an acceptable question? Allow me to illustrate the problem below: Heading "How are we to understand evil?" Body Scripture is ...
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If a closed question is re-asked on a more appropriate site, is it okay to copy one's answer to the second instance of the question?

sexuality - Why do the Ten Commandments not forbid bestiality? - Christianity Stack Exchange was recently closed for being off-topic (I would guess for asking "why" and not asking about a ...
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Why is this question Too Broad?

I would like to improve this question so that it can be re-opened and hopefully receive some answers. Unfortunately the close voters did not indicate in their comments why the question was too broad. ...
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The main factor in "primarily opinion-based" should be whether you can defend answers with evidence

I recently asked the following question: Would Saul actually have killed Samuel if he found out that Samuel had annointed David King? It was put "on hold" as "primarily opinion-based." I believe ...
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