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Why was this Answer deleted?

Who is "The Son" in Hebrews chapter 1: 8 ? Is He God in the strictest sense of the word, or a created being? New contributor ROY OOSTHUIZEN posted answer to this. The answer seemed ...
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How are we to deal with non-mainstream positions with regards to methods and linguistics?

I have been active for a while here now, and it is a growing concern of mine that this site is not always capable of highlighting quality answers through vote counts. In other words, I'm worried that ...
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What was the reason for the "Consider the lillies" answer mod-deletion?

One of the answers on "What species of flower might Jesus have been referring to when he said, “Consider the lilies”?" has been mod-deleted, but I can't see any reason why this should be — there wasn'...
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Why was my answer deleted?

My answer to this question was deleted by Caleb 2 John 1:7 - Jesus Coming in the Flesh? and there appears to be no reason for doing so. So why was this deleted?
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What do we want to do with answers that aren't very useful and don't show their work?

Let's suppose we know what it looks like to "show your work" in an exegesis answer and let's suppose you read an answer that fails to meet the minimum standard. If you come back to that answer a few ...
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How quick should we be with the deletion trigger?

I'm personally quite proud of our question and answer quality. It's a big reason we still exist. One of the ways we do maintain that quality is by deleting posts that don't meet our standards. ...
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