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Ask a contributor for citation

In academic practice and code of conduct, it is fair to obligatory to mention authors and sources of information. Some of the contributions on this site merit to be cited. However, the authors are ...
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Guidelines on biblical citations

We are in a field where everybody has easy access to the primary text we study, through the paper versions many of us have at home and through online resources which also allow you to compare many ...
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a question of etiquette

It is no secret that I am an Atheist and view biblical texts in scientific eyes - however, one thing that has occurred several times now, which I believe is based on a misconception about Atheism and ...
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Please do not ask cookie-cutter questions

This is not a good idea: While I would like to get authorship questions for many of our texts, I believe they should: Arise organically, and Contain research about the current state of scholarship ...
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