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User shares link for his book without disclosing affiliation

I flagged this answer as Spam a while back because The answer links to a book in Amazon. The author of the book has the same name of the user - Stephen Disraeli. The user didn't disclose the ...
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Specific answer that doesn't show any work

Recently flagged this post as not an answer which basically has "In the song, there is more detail. Was Sisera able to get up after the initial blow? Or is this some poetic add-on to spice up ...
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11 votes
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On the value of VTDs

Here on Biblical Hermeneutics, we love flags. We get excited when we see your flags. We want more of them. This is just an itty bitty tiny gripe pertaining to flags on answers, primarily those raised ...
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3 answers

What is 'not an answer'?

This is one of the options we have for flagging answers: But, what is 'not an answer'? What qualifies as an 'attempt to answer the question'. Is "not true" an answer (leaving aside questions about ...
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How should we deal with "novice" questions during the beta?

As mentioned in various places including another meta question, it is very important during the site's beta (especially the private beta) to focus on questions that are expert-level, specific, and ...
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