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Non-English terminology

Wondering about needing some new guidance regarding the recent introducing of strange terms and titles for God and Jesus which seem to come from other religions or cultures. For eg. Avinu revealed to ...
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How do I insert Greek/Hebrew characters into a question or answer?

I've spent the last hour browsing the site for tips on this practical question. So if it's been previously answered I apologise, but I have made an effort.
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2 votes
1 answer

Where can I find Aramaic and Syriac Tools and References?

1. Question When discussing Aramaic and Syriac Texts, what are resources that can be used to display Syriac fonts correctly, or even lookup passages in Aramaic / Syriac?
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Questions about interpretations of passages in other languages

My main area of research focuses on the Korean translations of the New Testament. What are the policies about asking questions dealing with interpretations of passages in Korean? Is this the site to ...
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3 answers

Do we have a jargon problem?

I feel like part of the controversies we have stem from basic misunderstandings in what words mean and how they should be interpreted. A major strength of the Stack Exchange system is that it allows ...
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Use of original languages

How should we view the use of the original Biblical languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek) in questions and answers? Should transliteration be encouraged for the sake of those who are less familiar with ...
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4 answers

Hermeneutics vs Exegesis

Is "Biblical Hermeneutics" the best name for this site? So far, it seems few of the questions asked (similar with earlier phases) have much to do with hermeneutics directly, and are more exegetical. ...
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