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What to do with questions with answers that are too hard to understand?

We had a question on Which is probably an OK question for Hermeneutics but we ...
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What's the policy for "doctrinal" hermeneutics here?

I'm a mod on Christianity.SE and I get some flags for questions that users think belong here. Like this one:
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Migrate questions to Christianity.SE; don't just recommend it

Today we had yet another example of someone accidentally asking a question on BH.SE that actually belonged on Christianity.SE. "dæn" ;-) recommended to the OP that he ask it over on Christianity.SE, ...
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This site and Judaism.SE

Judaism.SE (which is my usual stomping grounds) has quite a few hermeneutics[1] questions (only of Tanakh, naturally, not the Christian Bible). They are definitely considered on-topic there. Examples:[...
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