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Specific answer that doesn't show any work

Recently flagged this post as not an answer which basically has "In the song, there is more detail. Was Sisera able to get up after the initial blow? Or is this some poetic add-on to spice up ...
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How should we do with uclear answers and answers that appeal to divine inspiration?

While in review queues, found two answers that particularly lead me to write this post, namely
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Shouldn't this answer about Marcion's gospel be converted to a comment?

I flagged this answer saying that it doesn't address the question and should be converted to a comment, but my flag was rejected saying that a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to ...
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How much tangential information should we allow in answers?

One of the key advantages of Stack Exchange is that it encourages real answers to real questions. We do a lot to discourage and delete answers that are little more than opinion, free association, and ...
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What is 'not an answer'?

This is one of the options we have for flagging answers: But, what is 'not an answer'? What qualifies as an 'attempt to answer the question'. Is "not true" an answer (leaving aside questions about ...
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