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When is it OK to answer a question using a theological argument supported by other biblical material?

The biblical texts are the product of a long history of collection, redaction and revision. Texts put forward different ideas because they were written by different people. But also often texts ...
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How are we to deal with non-mainstream positions with regards to methods and linguistics?

I have been active for a while here now, and it is a growing concern of mine that this site is not always capable of highlighting quality answers through vote counts. In other words, I'm worried that ...
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Results of the February 2013 community evaluation

As you might know, we had a community evaluation review last week. The votes have been tabulated and below are the sample questions organized by score (Excellent - Needs Improvement): Why is the ...
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Self-evaluation: How are we doing?

Last Call I'm going to do it. I'm going to shut down this evaluation sometime next week. If you listen to the latest podcast you'll know that we will soon get a new evaluation system in the review ...
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