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Why do privileges in BH.SE still have the level of a public beta site?

Points for privileges in BH.SE require only about 20% compared to what seems to be the standard thresholds such as in C.SE, SciFi.SE,, or For example, to access ...
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Can the reputation points gained by accepting an answer be modified?

The majority of questions on H.SE do not have accepted answers. Accepting an answer gives +2 to someone's reputation. If this bonus was larger, we would probably see more questions having accepted ...
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1 answer

Criteria for Suggesting Tag-Synonyms

Could we reconsider the "lower-limit" for allowing users to suggest Tag-Synonyms? There are TWO "Reputation Requirements" for suggesting Tag-Synonyms: General Reputation Reputation in that Tag. <...
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i received a negative "point" for a question I didn't even ask, answer or comment on! Why would that be?

I'm referring to this question: Who were the Hellenistic and Hebraic Jews of Acts 6:1?
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