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Why should one participate in the Biblical Hermeneutics site (is it a viable site)?

I just found your site yesterday [years ago now, note the date of initial posting], and have been looking around at various meta discussions on distinctions between it and C.SE, or how much doctrine ...
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How can we attract high-quality Biblical scholars and still be welcoming to interested amateurs?

Simply what the title says. I would love to be able to come here and ask questions from my own study or other sources and receive high-quality answers. What principles should we follow to ensure a ...
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4 answers

What barriers might be hindering more quality participation from Jewish members?

While this site is, in principle, solidly non-partisan in its religious affiliations, over time with a larger base of participation things have clearly gotten skewed a bit to the Christian side of ...
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A roadmap to Biblical Studies

Recently, Soldarnal suggested a name for our site that I quite like: Biblical Studies. It seems that Stack Exchange would be willing to entertain a name change, if we think it's a pressing issue. ...
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Would you be interested in taking a course on the Letters of Paul?

Harvard Divinity School professor Laura Nasrallah is teaching a free, online course called Early Christianity: The Letters of Paul. When I first learned about it, I assumed it would be more of ...
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Do you like head coverings?

Get ready for head coverings! Since the current voting is 5/0 and nobody has objected or given reasons why we should avoid it, we are going to opt in. Remember, if hats are not your thing, you can ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Should we have an event similar to "Purim Torah"?

Mi Yodeya has a policy of allowing silly parody questions for a limited period of time in keeping with a Jewish tradition of foolishness on the feast of Purim. This year, we got an example question: ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How did you find our site?

I'm so excited to find out that people have discovered our site via our existing questions addressing their actual problems! That's what our site is all about. Even better, people who get good ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How can we get more participation on our site?

BH.SE is a cool site. We're set up to handle hermeneutics and exegesis discussions well. These kinds of discussions are happening every day all around the world. Yet... we really don't have much ...
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Do you like head coverings, 2013?

Last year, Stack Exchange opened up a promotion previously run on the Gaming Stack Exchange site to any site that would like to opt-in, and we did. They may or may not look like this ^^^^^^^^^^ So ...
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What are our best, general-audience questions?

I've learned that we can submit questions to be published on the StackExchange Google Plus and Facebook feeds. One of my suggestions was recently used. As of today, that question now sits at the top ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Promoting on Bible commentary sites

A while back, Ami wrote on chat: [Wouldn't] it be cool for hermeneutics.SE to have a sister site housing a commentary on the Bible being collaboratively edited by members of this site[?] And I ...
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Rename the site to Hermeneutics from "Biblical Hermeneutics"

Hermenuetics is a general field of study which is applied to all the Semitic scriptures including the Quran. The Arabic term widely used for Hermenuetics is "Usool At Tafseer". There is also a Wiki ...
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