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Valid answer deleted on Communist question

This answer in the Communist question:Acts 2:44,45; Acts 4:32, Does Acts say that Christianity teaches a form of Communism? seems the only accurate in the topic, but was deleted by Steve. The main ...
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User shares link for his book without disclosing affiliation

I flagged this answer as Spam a while back because The answer links to a book in Amazon. The author of the book has the same name of the user - Stephen Disraeli. The user didn't disclose the ...
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Please explain the validity or not of this answer

From this question: Jesus was tempted, but God cannot be tempted. How, then, do we reconcile James 1:13 and Heb. 4:15? Can anyone please explain how this answer (accepted and very highly regarded) is; ...
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Why was this Answer deleted?

Who is "The Son" in Hebrews chapter 1: 8 ? Is He God in the strictest sense of the word, or a created being? New contributor ROY OOSTHUIZEN posted answer to this. The answer seemed ...
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Why was my answer deleted?

My answer to this question was deleted by Caleb 2 John 1:7 - Jesus Coming in the Flesh? and there appears to be no reason for doing so. So why was this deleted?
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Can I edit my own answer in a way that changes its meaning?

This site appears to have a consensus about guidelines for editing others' answers: "Edits are to improve and fix posts, not to change them." But there's an answer to an old question that I want to ...
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Is a post considered to be an answer if it focuses primarily on the application of the text (as defined)?

I am specifically discussing this answer. It is generally agreed that Questions are on topic if they are focused on the text, rather than things to which the text may apply.... Questions that ...
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Is editing out theology the thrust of the site's new direction?

Recently an answer was edited with only a revision history of "per". The link is to the top-voted answer to What kind of site do we ultimately ...
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3 answers

When an accepted answer is heavily downvoted, what ought we do?

Consider this answer, which currently stands at -5 (+1/-6) and is the accepted answer. Many of the comments are confused about why the answer was accepted. As it stands, two other answers (+7 and +4)...
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