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Questions tagged [tag-synonyms]

The tag has no usage guidance.

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Should the translation-methodology and translation-philosophy tags be synonyms?

We currently have translation-philosophy described as: The philosophical basis that grounds the work of translators. Questions about specific translation problems should instead be tagged hebrew, ...
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How do I create a new tag - "messiah"

There may be an inactive tag for this already. It showed up as having no questions, and when I tried to enter it, nothing happened. The explanation for creating new tags on the help page says one just ...
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2 votes
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Tag and On-Topic-Scope concerning "gnostic-gospels"

There has been some discussion on non-canonical texts. The majority of the contributors in What about Gnostic texts? What texts are open for examination? seem to agree that questions on the Gospel of ...
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Cleanup for low-usage tags

We have a number of tags with very few questions, and a steady stream of new tags coming in. I don't suggest that this is entirely a bad thing, but too many similar tags makes things hard to find. I ...
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Tag synonym - death & death-afterlife

I was attempting to helpfully consolidate the tags "death" and "death-afterlife" and proposed the synonym in the wrong direction--not so helpful of me huh? My bad for the rookie ...
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Criteria for Suggesting Tag-Synonyms

Could we reconsider the "lower-limit" for allowing users to suggest Tag-Synonyms? There are TWO "Reputation Requirements" for suggesting Tag-Synonyms: General Reputation Reputation in that Tag. <...
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