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A day after earing 'electorate' badge(600 votes cast), profile page still shows total votes as 594

I am a regular visitor to this site. I have been voting good questions from long time. I have cast 600 votes & earned electorate badge as well. But my profile page shows total votes as 594 only.
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Users ask one question, then leave

Is there any way for moderators or voters to affect the answer selection process if OP asks a question and doesn't ever return to the site to select an answer?
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What level of downvotes would constitue serial downvoting?

After I had asked this question, Why aren't downvotes removed when the reason for giving them no longer exists?, I received a message saying that serial downvoting had been removed - today! This drew ...
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Marking answers down

I am concerned that answers given can be marked down without users having to give any reason for why they have done so. This seems counter productive. If one of my answers is marked down I want to ...
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17 votes
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We need to downvote more

DISCLAIMER: Allow me to begin with a caveat: SE users are free to vote however they please. The only 'official' criteria for voting on questions are: It shows research effort It is useful It is clear ...
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Should I downvote as well as upvote on meta?

On main, I DV posts that are really below par, but not usually those that are in the grey area: I'm aware that up and down-voting helps good answers rise to the top and ultimately makes BH.SE a more ...
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What do we want to do with answers that aren't very useful and don't show their work?

Let's suppose we know what it looks like to "show your work" in an exegesis answer and let's suppose you read an answer that fails to meet the minimum standard. If you come back to that answer a few ...
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Vote Early, Vote Often

I cannot state this strongly enough. Voting is absolutely critical to the formation of a healthy SE site. And this is never more true than in Private and early Public beta. Vote on Questions Voting ...
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