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Intertextuality as you have observed is a secular principle, which could be applied to a wide range of texts and settings. It is basically a way of explicitly describing that there is an expected interrelationship between texts. Normally in hermeneutics we prize 'exegesis', reading meaning out of the text at hand, and that's our typical focus here on BH.SE. ...


Review Queues are Important! It's been a great year! Thanks so much to everybody for all your contributions - it gets lost in that table, but to me the most encouraging thing here is the activity in the Review Queues: Moderators: 684 (15%) Community: 3983 (85%) Perhaps the most annoying thing about being a Moderator is that many of our votes are binding - ...


If by BW you mean Bible Works, you first need to chose BGT as the search version. Then in the search box you type . or ' and then immediately the word WITHOUT ACCENTS. If you also want to see the different inflections then type * instead of the last letters. SO your search should be looking something like 'αλλ* 'ετερ* Otherwise, there is the hard way. ...


Look at them there numbers! Numbers don't lie. It is a community effort all around and moderators certainly do a lot of work to help keep things going. I was brought on board a few months ago and I'm looking forward to making a hefty contribution next year.

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