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Why is this question Too Broad?

I can concur much with what Dɑvïd said in his answer to your question here. However, while the close reason may have been "too broad," that may have been just what the "majority" of those voting to ...
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Feature Inquiry: Recommending a Change to the Author, not Peer Review

No, this is not currently possible. And this is by design. The SE system is designed around the concept of peer review, collaborative editing, and the community being the ultimate judge of useful vs. ...
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Asking acceptable questions

Biblical Hermeneutics, the study of the Biblical texts, is only one discipline and both depends upon and informs the disciplines of theology. This has been called the Hermeneutical Circle, as ...
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Why is this question Too Broad?

There is plenty of interest in the area you want to probe. My own sense is that your intention for the "supporting questions" backfired. I look at this and think: "This Q is basically = Everything I ...
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How to roll-back a recent edit?

I’m not sure about this, but I have noticed times that fast edits have been “squashed” sometimes. If that is how the software is designed, then it is to avoid an infinite edit history of every ...
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