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Tag Names for Enumerated Books
12 votes

I would say those tags should be of the form: num-bookname where num is just an arabic numeral (tried to put the # sign in there, but the tag thing won't show it). So I'd go with 1-john and 1-...

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Having extended hermeneutics to exegesis, where do we draw the line?
2 votes

I don't think you really can draw too much of a line around exegesis, it itself is easy to pick out as being that. We just have to draw that line at theological discussions, but this is a hard line ...

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Does this site's URL need to be changed?
2 votes

I think is a good idea for an alias. It's way easier to spell and remember, and there isn't any other SE site that would conflict with it.

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Use of original languages
1 votes

I think it should be fine to put the Hebrew or Greek in there, though you should usually have the transliteration also. The real question might be is if SE has an easy way to insert that text without ...

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Why are we fragmenting between 'tanakh' and 'old testament'?
0 votes

The bottom line is that either tanakh or old-testament should only be used when referencing an issue that deals with the whole, large part, or at least more than just one book of the Old Testament. ...

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Is this question on topic?
-3 votes

The question is clearly off-topic, since it has nothing to do with hermeneutics or exegesis. The FAQ states: If your question is about: interpretation of Bible passages (without regard to ...

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Gender roles on this site
-4 votes

Heresy should always be called out, and we have plenty of Biblical examples of that. My hermeneutical principles involved the Bible interpreting itself; using the entire Bible as the overall context, ...

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Assumptions in Questions: 'Showing Your Work' Revisited
-6 votes

The default should always be that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. If someone doesn't hold that point of view, then they should state it.

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