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Age 69. Born in England. Emigrated to the US of A in 1986, where my wife and I became Retail Business Owners & Operators. Brought up Anglican, in the Church of England. Denounced the Trinitarian belief in 1990, as came to believe same to be the biggest hoax of the Common Era. I believe the "Godhead" is not a mystery, of three spiritual entities/personalities, of equal magnitude, in one, where one of the personalities doesn't even have a name. It's quite simple really... One has The Almighty God, namely JHVH or, YHWH; the Son of God, namely Jesus, or a derivative thereof, and then you have their active force, wind, breath, or spirit (Ruach), which being a force, rather than a personality, rightfully does not have a personal name. Do not aspire to any particular church. Have no biblical qualifications, just have an enormous appreciation for the Bible as being the "Word of God", handed down by Godly inspired writers. Born again, in adulthood, through this belief in the "Word of God" and not by infantile water baptism..see 1 Peter, 1:23.

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