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M.Sc in Physics. Reading in EN,ES,DE,FR,GR,RU. Mostly focused on LXX.

It appears to me that Bible makes most sense in ancient Greek. The key to it is the root GEN as in Gis/Geo/Gaia - Earth, Gina - woman, Genesis - birth and being, Genea -generation, Gnosis - knowledge and the modern Genes (as in Genetics). Knowledge exists only where there is a variety. The tree of knowledge Gen2:17 is in fact a generator γινώσκειν of the binary variety (1 and 0, good and bad).

The essence of carnal earthly (Geo) being (Genesis) is to pass (eGno) information (Gnosis) from a man to a woman (Gina) and from one Generation to another via Genes.

The names of worldly things are utterly deceptive, for they turn the heart from what is real to what is unreal. Whoever hears the word god thinks not of what is real but rather of what is unreal. So also with the words father, son, holy spirit, life, light, resurrection, church, and all the rest, people do not think of what is real but of what is unreal, [though] the words refer to what is real. The words [that are] heard belong to this world. [Do not be] [54] deceived. If words belonged to the eternal realm, they would never be pronounced in this world, nor would they designate worldly things. They would refer to what is in the eternal realm. The Gospel of Philip - NHC II, 3 Words and Names

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