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Discussion or questions about comments—posting comments and what comments are appropriate for

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Is it against the rules for the OP to ask for clarification of an answer to their question in the comments?

I am fresh off a seven day suspension without warning or clarification as to why. I walk in the light. I do not work in darkness. Therefore I will openly share the correspondence from the mods ...
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2 answers

Viewpoint swarming in comments

Recently, this came up in a discussion: I think we need to try and break this norm of answers from X viewpoint always being besieged with comments. It must be exasperating. All depending on the ...
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Are partial answers in comments permissisble?

I asked a question on this stack yesterday. The only 'answer' I've received up to now is a very short, poorly evidenced comment. The stack I'm most active on is the one for roleplaying games, where ...
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Difference between asking for clarification and debating

The comments page says "When should I comment? You should submit a comment if you want to: Request clarification from the author; ...
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