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Questions with this tag are generally not resolvable, but the discussions they prompt are important for recording the history and philosophy of the site. This tag should generally be applied after the fact, not when a question is asked.

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What precisely is "Biblical Hermeneutics?"

Having answered a number of questions and engaged in comments, my conclusion is that BHSE is hamstrung by two factors: A lack of clarity in defining what Hermeneutics actually is. I've taken many ...
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Kindness, Collaboration and Mutual Respect

As Site Moderators, we typically spend most of our time doing three things: Cleaning up excessive/non-constructive Comments (we don't enjoy this) Handling Flags raised by site users (do raise a flag ...
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Topicality of a Textual Question related to a Group with a Specific Doctrinal Commitment

This is a question about the topicality of this question on BH.SE: Do any scholars argue a textual theory where the NT text was edited to make the autographa? Which, as of this writing, is "on hold" ...
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What would be the best way to present ancient Jewish sources

Many of the discussions in Biblical Hermeneutics involve textual analysis that rabbis analyzed as far back as the lifetime of Jesus. These discussions and analyses are found in a variety of Jewish ...
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A helpful flowchart for asking questions on BH.SE

Here is a helpful flowchart for asking questions on BH.SE. Relevant meta posts for each decision are listed below: My goal is for this be a helpful reference and 'one-stop-shop' for users. Also note ...
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What kind of site do we ultimately want to have?

There have been a lot of discussions on meta about different aspects of site direction, but none directly focused on the fundamental question: What kind of site do we want to have? What should our ...
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3 answers

Is postmodern relativism the worldview of this site?

Dan O'Day says that the worldview of this site is postmodern relativism. Is it? Should it be?
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19 votes
6 answers

Why should one participate in the Biblical Hermeneutics site (is it a viable site)?

I just found your site yesterday [years ago now, note the date of initial posting], and have been looking around at various meta discussions on distinctions between it and C.SE, or how much doctrine ...
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How ought we to balance diversity?

This is a mobile: Most of us are familiar with them in the context of children's nurseries. But the inspiration came from Alexander Calder, a kinetic artist: Steel Fish
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